A Dentist Discusses What Makes Invisible Braces Different Than Other Treatments

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Invisible braces are a way for patients with an alignment imperfection in their smiles to achieve a straighter and more attractive smile. There are notable benefits to invisible braces treatment that other forms of teeth straightening simply cannot offer. It is helpful to understand the benefits before making a final decision as to which treatment option is right for you.

An overview of invisible braces

There are now more ways for patients to straighten their smiles than ever before, including invisible braces and traditional braces. The following is a complete overview of invisible braces, including information on how they are different, how the treatment process works and more. 

Invisible braces defined

Invisible braces, or clear aligners, refers to a form of teeth straightening that utilizes transparent trays (aligners) that are custom-fit and worn by the patient. They slowly pull teeth into a more ideal alignment over time. Perhaps the most popular and proven form of clear aligners is Invisalign® aligners. There are numerous Invisalign® providers and each patient is given a personalized treatment plan to ensure their exact needs are met in the process. 

How are invisible braces different?

Invisible braces have unique qualities and they are far more ideal for many patients. Perhaps the most notable advantage Invisalign has that traditional metal braces do not is the ability for patients to straighten their smile discreetly. Traditional metal braces are highly visible and everyone knows they are being worn, whereas invisible braces are essentially invisible to others. Also, invisible braces are removable, which is not the case with traditional braces. 

How does the treatment process work?

Another notable benefit of invisible braces is that the treatment process is on average shorter than with traditional braces. Patients with invisible braces typically achieve their ideal smile in between 12 and 18 months, and some see quality results in as little as six months with Invisalign.

The first step in treatment is a consultation visit with a dentist, who can help the patient make an informed decision. If both agree to treatment, then a custom clear aligner is created, and the patient will continuously receive new aligners throughout the duration of treatment. After Invisalign®, the patient will be given a retainer to wear to ensure their teeth remain in the ideal position. 

When to consider invisible braces

Invisible braces are the most ideal for patients with a mild to moderate misalignment, whereas traditional braces might be more ideal for severe misalignments. Also, many adults and older teenagers prefer invisible braces as it is more discreet and allows them to remove them. Talking with a dentist about Invisalign 

Consult with a dental professional about invisible braces

To learn more about invisible braces or Invisalign, reach out today. It is best to consult with a dentist about the best type of teeth straightening treatment prior to making a decision. Get started by giving us a call or stopping by our office!

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