Cosmetic Dentistry Solutions Using Dental Veneers

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Dental veneers are used to fix a wide range of dental issues. These restorations are wafer-thin shells that dentists can cement to teeth. Their job is to hide any cosmetic flaws on the front sides of teeth. Dentists can use veneers to completely transform how a person’s smile looks by covering up their front teeth with veneers.

Addressing cosmetic issues with dental veneers

Placing conventional dental veneers involves removing portions of enamel from the patient’s teeth. The thickness of the portion of enamel removed is proportional to the thickness of the veneers. The enamel is removed to prevent the restoration from making the teeth appear bulkier than they should be.

Custom veneers are made from an impression taken once the patient’s teeth have been prepared. The impression is forwarded to technicians in a lab that makes custom restorations. It can take up to two weeks for the finished restoration to be sent back to the clinic. The patient’s teeth are covered with temporary veneers to protect them in the meantime.

The person comes in for a second appointment when their custom restorations are ready. The temporary restorations are carefully taken off, and the custom veneers are cemented into place. The patient’s teeth should be restored at this point. Issues that dental veneers can be used to fix include the following.

1. Stained and discolored teeth

Most stains that form on teeth, like those caused by foods/beverages, smoking, and aging, can be taken off with teeth whitening treatments. However, certain types of stains, like those caused by decay or tetracycline antibiotics, do not respond to these treatments. These stains can be covered up with restorations like veneers.

2. Damaged teeth

Mild to moderate damage to teeth can affect the aesthetics of a person's smile, but they can be covered up with veneers. Structural issues that dental veneers are often used to treat include chipped, deformed, or broken teeth. More severe damage to a tooth’s structures might need a crown to restore its appearance, though.

3. Spaces between teeth

Abnormal spaces between teeth can affect the appearance of the smile. A dentist can close such spaces by placing oversized veneers on the two teeth closest to the gap. This makes it appear as if those two teeth meet naturally.

4. Crooked teeth

Veneers are also used to address alignment issues, like crooked teeth. Dentists often recommend this approach if the patient’s teeth alignment issues have a limited impact on their bite and if there are other issues that can be addressed with veneers. Addressing teeth alignment issues with veneers involves placing veneers on most of a patient’s teeth to create the appearance of properly aligned teeth.

Explore veneers

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