Options for Replacing Missing Teeth to Avoid Jawbone Loss

Options for Replacing Missing Teeth to Avoid Jawbone Loss from Miami Beach Smiles in Miami Beach, FLThere are several options for replacing missing teeth so that you can preserve your jawbone and keep your face looking its best. You can discuss with your dentist what option might be best for you based on the type of work required to replace the tooth or teeth and other factors such as how long you have been missing the tooth(s) and your general health.


An implant is a customized tooth replacement placed into your jaw after you lose one or more teeth. It functions as a new tooth root, with your bite working around it just like it would be around natural teeth. Implants can last a lifetime and offer full-masticating and chewing abilities, and they do not rely on neighboring teeth for support. Depending on your smile goals—including aesthetics, maintenance needs, oral health—it may be best to use one of many different types of dental implants. Because these are custom treatments made specifically for each patient (and depend upon bone density), implants can be costly; however, dental insurance policies often cover part of their cost.

Dental bridges

A tooth-shaped piece of porcelain, called a pontic, is bonded into place on two teeth adjacent to the gap in a dental bridge. It then spans or bridges that gap. The abutment teeth serve as anchors and support one end of a new replacement tooth, or artificial tooth root called an implant fixture.

Crowns: A crown is used in place of one or more missing teeth. Crowns help secure loose teeth and protect them from further damage. They are made of high-quality porcelain fused to metal.

Partial Dentures: Also referred to as false teeth, partial dentures are removable replacements that fill in areas where several teeth have been lost. They provide additional support for your smile while you wait for other treatments such as implants or bridges to be completed.

Full Dentures: If you have lost all your natural teeth, you may choose full dentures as a solution.

Dental implants

Complete dentures replace all your teeth in a single appliance. They’re often used when all an individual’s teeth have been lost, but they can also be attached in stages if some teeth are missing. Dentures must be removed each night and cleaned carefully. Unfortunately, most people don’t do an excellent job with their cleaning routine—and dental research shows that many individuals who wear dentures lose bone mass near their jawline.


While not as effective as natural teeth, dentures can be an excellent option for replacing missing teeth. However, many patients that wear dentures may experience jawbone loss over time. To avoid complications like bone loss and other harmful side effects of wearing false teeth, talk with your dentist about how you can best replace your missing teeth. Your dentist will look at all your options for replacing missing teeth and help you choose what is best for you.

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A healthy, balanced diet can help you avoid tooth loss—and it’s essential when you’re recovering from dental work. Therefore, it’s important to replace missing teeth with dental implants rather than dentures; if you choose dentures, your jawbone will continue to shrink, leaving your face sunken over time. Luckily, there are other options for replacing missing teeth available.

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