Options for Replacing Missing Teeth Due to Tooth Decay

Options for Replacing Missing Teeth Due to Tooth Decay from Miami Beach Smiles in Miami Beach, FLIf you are new to dentistry, it may be difficult for you to decide on your options for replacing missing teeth. There are many options available, but here are some of the most common ones that can help replace missing teeth due to tooth decay:

Dental implants

Dental implants are one of the most long-lasting options for replacing missing teeth. Dental implants are surgically implanted into your jawbone and act as an artificial root. A dental crown or bridge then uses this to hold your natural teeth in place.

Dental Implants are perfect for people who wish to have the look of a natural tooth but do not want to deal with traditional dentures. Dentures are removable and can be uncomfortable for some people. On the other hand, dental implants provide stability like or even better than natural teeth.

Dental crown

A dental crown is a "cap" that fits over your natural tooth. They are usually made of high-grade metal or porcelain. They can be used for many different purposes, including repairing teeth, replacing missing teeth, protecting damaged teeth, hiding stains and cracks on the tooth's surface.

Dental crowns are perfect for people who want something that looks natural and fits around their teeth. They are also great for people who wish to protect a tooth from fracturing or those whose root is exposed due to gum recession, as this can lead to severe dental problems such as periodontitis.

Root canal therapy

If your teeth have decayed to the point that they need root canal therapy, you may be able to avoid replacing them with dental bridges or crowns by using an implant instead. An implant is used because it will require more minor adjustments than other options for replacing missing teeth.

Root Canal Therapy is perfect for people who are not good candidates for dental implants. Root canal therapy is usually needed when the nerve of your tooth has died due to exposure, root fracture, or severe decay.

Dental bridges

A dental bridge is a fixed alternative to removable dentures. It is used when one or more teeth are missing and can be attached directly onto the surrounding natural teeth for support, so it cannot be taken out at night like other types of tooth replacement may allow you to do. This means that your face will appear the same, and there will be no jaw movement when you talk.

Dental Bridges are perfect for people who do not like the idea of removable dentures and those who would prefer a more permanent solution. Suppose you are considering getting dental implants or root canal therapy. In that case, this may be an option to consider first as it is much less expensive than other types of tooth replacement and does not require any special care after treatment.


A denture retainer is a removable tooth replacement that can help keep your natural teeth from drifting out of place after being replaced with false ones. This is often used for patients who no longer want or need to wear their dentures.

Dentures are perfect for people who are not good candidates for dental implants. Dentures are removable and can be uncomfortable to wear, so if you want your natural teeth back after being replaced by false ones, this may be an option worth considering before root canal therapy or implant placement is considered.

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