When a General Dentist May Recommend a Root Canal

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A general dentist often recommends a root canal to save a tooth and restore its function. Read on to learn more about when a general dentist recommends this procedure. While they have a bad reputation for being unpleasant, modern dental technology has made the process straightforward and virtually painless.

When would a general dentist recommend a root canal?

To salvage a damaged tooth, general dentists frequently recommend root canals to their patients, which require the removal of the dental pulp tissue. The root canal is the inner chamber of a tooth that houses the sensitive roots and nerves. After treating the tooth, dental crowns are frequently utilized to restore the tooth's strength.

When is a root canal necessary?

When a tooth becomes infected, root canal treatment becomes necessary and must be done immediately. Without prompt treatment, the tooth pulp and nerves die, and the infection will continue to spread to the point where a tooth extraction may be required.

While most people know when they have a tooth condition that needs dental care, some are unaware that they require root canal therapy to save their teeth. As a result, everyone must be aware of some of the most frequent symptoms that indicate the need for root canal therapy. Tooth sensitivity, a chipped or fractured tooth, discomfort when chewing, swollen gums, tooth discoloration, and severe decay are some of the warning symptoms.

Tooth pain is the most prevalent sign that indicates the need for a root canal. The pain might be minor to severe, and it may diminish or worsen throughout the day, or it may just grow worse when the person bites down on the tooth. Some people have a long-term sensitivity to hot foods or drinks. The gums around the area may also be painful and swollen.

Many patients are unaware that they require root canal therapy or wait too long to seek treatment, eventually needing an emergency root canal operation. Emergency root canals are frequently done on patients who are in excruciating pain. Those who do not get regular dental exams are more likely to require a root canal. Furthermore, people who are frightened of having a root canal after being diagnosed may postpone the operation, resulting in an emergency.

First aid

Patients need to contact a dentist straight away if they experience any of the symptoms of tooth infection. They need to explain their symptoms, and the dentist may arrange for the patient to come in immediately or prescribe emergency treatment depending on the severity. Apply an ice pack to the outside of the jaw to relieve discomfort and reduce swelling in the meantime.

The bottom line

A general dentist will advise you on the best course of action to treat your problems after a thorough examination. They may prescribe a root canal or an entirely different and perhaps less invasive dental procedure depending on the cause of the problem. Contact our dental office today to schedule an appointment.

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