Benefits of Seeing A Family Dentist

Family Dentist Miami Beach, FL

A family dentist treats adults and children alike, and they offer a range of services to meet everyone in the family's oral care and cosmetic needs. By choosing a family dentist, patients can ultimately reduce the long-term costs of dental work and ensure that everyone receives friendly and professional care. 

The advantages of choosing a family dentist

The benefits of seeing a family dentist include the ability for children to visit an office that is kid-friendly, access to more dental services, a focus on prevention and the ability to keep track of all of a family’s dental history (dental X-rays, treatments, allergies, etc.). The following is a review of each advantage of seeing a family dentist. 

A kid-friendly office

Children often have nerves when they visit the dentist. Family dentists typically have a more kid-friendly office and a staff that understands how to communicate and interact with children and teenagers. This is helpful in reducing dental anxiety in children and helping them create healthy habits and feelings about visiting the dentist for check-up and treatment. 

Access to more dental services

Family dentists treat most oral health complications, including but not limited to dental cavities, gum disease, oral infections and broken teeth. They also address cosmetic and orthodontic concerns as well. By choosing a family dentist that offers a broader range of services, patients do not have to visit multiple dentists for all of their family’s treatment needs, saving them time, money and making treatment more convenient. 

Prevent oral care problems

The best way to deal with oral health and cosmetic concerns is through prevention, rather than waiting for issues to develop. Through regular check-ups, routine cleanings, education on oral health and preventive procedures such as dental sealants, family dentists reduce the overall risk of needing more extensive treatment. 

Keep track of dental health and history

Every new dentist that one visits likely will want to take their own dental X-rays, ask questions and conduct a thorough oral examination to determine the status of your oral health. A family dentist keeps record of every dental X-ray, examination and procedure to make each visit go faster and more convenient. This also helps with prevention as every member of the family will know exactly what they need to do to keep good oral health between each visit. 

Education on oral care habits

Educating children and teenagers on good oral care practices is important since the majority of oral care takes place at home rather than in the office. Family dentists educate parents and children on how they can for their smile through good oral hygiene, dietary choices and more. 

Our family dentist office helps families with their dental needs

Here at our dental office, we understand how to treat both adults and children, and we take pride in offering a family-friendly dental office. When you come in for a visit, you are greeted by friendly faces, honesty and exceptional oral care. Call us today to arrange a visit with our team.

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