Emergency Dental Care: Why You Should Wear a Mouthguard While Playing Sports

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The use of mouthguards during sports is important to protect the mouth from injuries that may necessitate emergency dental care. Participating in sports is a good way to stay active, and many people understand the need for safety and injury protection measures such as wearing helmets, shin guards and knee pads. However, many people tend to ignore the importance of protecting their mouthguard during sports, and statistics show that sports players are more likely to damage their teeth if they fail to wear a sports mouthguard.

Sports injuries and the importance of mouthguards

Playing sports always carries the risk of injuries. Even the best and experienced athletes can suffer injuries, and in a study published by John Hopkins, over 3.5 million children below the age of 15 suffer injuries while playing sports. The truth is that many of these sports injuries cause sprains, strains or even bone fractures, but the most worrisome fact is that many injuries are to the face or head.

Contact sports such as soccer, football or basketball have the highest risk of mouth injury. Basketball has the highest rate of mouth injuries among men and women. This could be partly because a mouthguard is not compulsory during the game. However, the American Dental Association suggests wearing a mouthguard, whether it is in the rulebook or not. Aside from protecting the teeth from breaking, getting chipped or getting knocked out, mouthguards can help minimize the risks of concussion too.

A blunt force to the face or mouth during sports can knock out or damage the teeth or cause a broken jaw or severe cut to the lips and gums, and emergency dental care will be required to restore oral health. By wearing a custom-fit mouthguard during sports, the impact of the force spreads, dissipating the energy and stopping potential injury.

A dental injury can be devastating and could make someone miss school or work. The financial cost of emergency dental care can become significant, especially if extensive dental work or surgery is required. Any injury that a mouthguard could have stopped would be costlier than the price of getting a mouthguard. The device is an important piece of safety gear that every sportsperson should consider using.

Types of mouthguard

There are two main types of mouthguards: the boil-and-bite option available in sports stores and the custom-made mouthguard provided by the dentist. The one-size-for-all mouthguards purchased from the store are better than wearing nothing, but they are usually uncomfortable and do not fit properly inside the mouth.

The best option is to contact the dentist for a custom-made mouthguard. It is the most effective way to protect teeth during sports. The professional-standard sports mouthguard is formed to fit over every tooth and is comfortable. The dentist creates them using impressions of the person’s teeth. It is also easier to speak with them than regular mouthguards.

In conclusion

Before participating in sports, wear a custom-fitting mouthguard and be prepared to wear it throughout the game. If you need a mouthguard or emergency dental care, contact the dental office immediately.

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