Oral Sedative for Dental Anxiety During Your Visit

Oral Sedative Miami Beach, FL

An oral sedative can help you deal with dental phobia. Many people suffer from dental phobia. Fear and anxiety can prevent you from getting proper dental care. Sedation dentistry is the form of oral sedation that can help you get through the dental visit. If you want to know how well an oral sedative can help with dental anxiety, here are the details.

What oral sedation is

Oral sedation uses different types of sedatives to relax the patient during dental procedures. Many dental clinics offer oral sedation. The patient will take the sedative about an hour before the dental visit. Someone will need to take the patient to the dental clinic. Most patients stay awake during the procedure but have very little memory of what happened. Others fall asleep but can wake up right away.

Choosing oral sedation

Suffering from dental anxiety can delay or interrupt the procedure. Thinking about the drilling, probing, and injecting can cause chaos in patients with this phobia. Considering taking an oral sedative can be a good way to face a significant dental appointment. Getting an invasive surgery is enough reason for someone to insist on oral sedation.

Deciding to get the series of dental procedures in just one dental visit will need sedation. Taking an oral sedative can make this experience easier. The tools involved in the procedure can be loud and anxiety-triggering. Taking a sedative will allow the patient to have the dental procedure.

How it works

The dentist will take the patient’s vital signs and medical history. This will help determine if the patient is a good candidate for taking an oral sedative. The dentist will give the patient two doses. The first one will be before bedtime. The second one will be an hour before the dental procedure.

Someone will bring the patient to the dental clinic. This person will help the patient get home as well. Oral sedatives can prevent the patient from traveling alone. The person who will accompany the patient will need to take the care orders from the dentist.

The medications

Oral medications turn down the area of the brain that controls fear. It prevents the person from feeling anxious. Sedative hypnotics can put the patient in a type of hypnosis and cause severe drowsiness. The patient may lose perception of time or memories of the procedure while the oral sedative works. Anti-anxiety medications relieve anxiety without making the patient sleepy or drowsy.

Oral sedation is not for everybody

Taking a sedative is a popular way to relieve dental anxiety. But this is not a method for everyone. It is possible to feel nothing at all because of poor stomach absorption. Other people cannot take this medication because of allergies, psychological disorders, and impaired kidney or liver functions. Congestive heart failure, chronic bronchitis, and glaucoma can also be hindrances to taking an oral sedative.

An oral sedative can make your dental treatment more pleasant

Dental anxiety or phobia can prevent you from getting the dental treatments you need. Seeing, smelling, and hearing the tools for the procedures can trigger fear. Delays and interruptions may happen. This can cost time and money. Taking an oral sedative can calm and relax the patient enough to go through with the dental visit. Seeing the dentist before the procedure can determine if you can take this medication.

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