Reasons to Consider Dentures as an Option for Replacing Missing Teeth

Reasons to Consider Dentures as an Option for Replacing Missing Teeth from Miami Beach Smiles in Miami Beach, FLAre you thinking of your option for replacing missing teeth with dentures? Well then, you are on your way to having a new and appealing smile. People all around the world have had and continue to have success with this treatment. Dentures can be an effective way to fill in embarrassing gaps in the mouth.

Dentures, also called false teeth are prosthetic devices designed to replace lost teeth. The enclosing hard and soft tissues of the oral cavity support dentures just as it does for natural teeth. There are several ways to replace a lost tooth, but we'll make dentures the focus here.

Types of dentures

We have two types of dentures as an option for replacing missing teeth.

  • Removable or partial dentures: this is an old form of denture that is removed. Many have shunned it and opted for the new, permanent one because of the many associated problems. However, they are an incredible alternative for replacing lost teeth, for they clamp onto the remaining teeth.
  • Complete denture or permanent dentures: these are some of the best remedies for lost teeth. Permanent dentures have many merits you’ll be inundated with if you ask your dentist about them. They are durable, affordable, and entirely practical to replace a lost tooth with. Many patients go for permanent dentures to fill in for their lost teeth and restore their beautiful smiles.

Why you should add dentures to your mouth after losing your teeth

Dentures are reliable

There is little risk of an incompatible fit that results in discomfort or difficulties with speaking or eating. It solves and helps avoid jaw shrinkage.

Permanent dentures make life easy

When your dentures are set in place, you won't have to worry about it sliding off or slipping when you eat. This is the confidence needed for you to live life to the fullest and be yourself. Imagine the fulfillment you'll get tearing through food, speaking with ease, and smiling in full self-assurance.

Placing permanent dentures is easy

Compared to traditional dental implants' surgery, procedures, and healing process, fixing dentures is significantly short. Furthermore, the technique itself is not as invasive. The best aspect is the knowledge that there is minimal distress during and after the procedure is finalized.

Permanent dentures are low maintenance

Often, those who go for removable dentures suffer from sores and some discomfort. Patients who decide on permanent dentures find they're relatively stable, comfortable, and easy to maintain. Once your complete dentures are in place, you won't have to remove them for soaking or other kinds of cleaning. You only need to clean your mouth as you typically would. Your permanent dentures will prove durable far into the future.

Helps you avoid oral health problems

When teeth are missing, your oral health is placed in possible jeopardy. This is because the neighboring teeth continuously shift to take the place of the missing teeth. Fixing this with dentures helps avert such problems as plaque and tartar.

Dentures might be an excellent option for replacing missing teeth. Speak with your general dentist for more information on your oral healthcare needs.

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