Take Home Trays From Your Dentist Are a Teeth Whitening Option

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Teeth whitening is becoming more popular as more and more people focus on their smiles. You have two options for whitening teeth. You can have the procedure done at a dental clinic or you can buy an off-the-shelf product that claims to whiten teeth. However, there is yet another possibility. You can get a whitening tray from your dentist to use at home. If you want to know the essentials of take-home teeth whitening trays, here are the details.

Teeth whitening is worth the time and effort

Having teeth whitening at a dental clinic makes a significant difference. Dentists can use stronger whitening chemicals or formulas during the in-office procedure. Many individuals choose the take-home kit to save a little money. Sometimes, people do not get the results they want. The strong chemicals could be too harsh for some people as well.

Advantages of teeth whitening trays

This is where the teeth whitening tray from a dentist makes the most sense. Consider people with busy households to run. These individuals do not have time to sit in a dentist’s chair for very long. An alternative would be to use the tray to get whiter teeth while in the privacy and comfort of home.

An in-office teeth whitening procedure will always produce the most dramatic results. The products people buy in stores do not contain the same chemical strength that dentists use. As a result, the store products cannot remove all yellowing and staining. This is why so many individuals feel disappointed after completing the applications.

However, the trays that dentists provide include the same type and strength of chemical as an in-chair procedure. The only difference is that patients can take the trays home and use them when it is most convenient. These trays brighten and whiten a person’s teeth. The patient achieves whiter teeth without the risk of tissue damage.

Take-home trays from a dentist offer yet another advantage. These trays are not available in stores. Therefore, an individual cannot make a mistake with dosage or bleach strength. The dentist will give instructions on how to use the tray correctly.

Important things to know about take-home teeth whitening trays

This option addresses dental stains or discoloration in the comfort of one’s own home. Understanding this process can give an idea about how long it would take to achieve whiter teeth. The trays from the dentist contain bleaching agents. These compounds remove stains from foods, drinks, and tobacco consumption. Below are some of the important concepts to consider about these take-home trays:

  • The treatment can last for two weeks. A person should wear the trays for about an hour each day for two weeks. The results depend on the type of bleach. Higher concentrations of it can whiten teeth faster. The patient can only stop wearing them if the patient achieves the right level of white.
  • The trays can take some time to get. The dentist will need to send dental impressions to the dental lab. It will take about two weeks to get the trays ready. These teeth whitening trays have extra space for the whitening gel or solution.
  • Results differ in each patient. The treatment often targets extrinsic stains such as coffee stains. Intrinsic stains from trauma or medications will need more extensive correction.
  • Following instructions is important in using these whitening trays. Skipping steps is not good for the treatment. It is also not advisable to wear the trays longer than the dentist’s recommended period.
  • Dental work cannot whiten. The bleaching gel can only whiten natural teeth. The patient must have new dental restorations to match the whitened teeth. Exposed dental roots cannot whiten as well. Amalgam fillings can leave a greenish tint on the teeth. Thinning teeth can become more translucent after bleaching, which could then make teeth look darker. 
  • Using these trays can cause sensitivity in gums and teeth. This is not a harmful thing. The patient must reduce treatment time until sensitivity goes away.

A clear advantage

Having whiter teeth is possible. It is up to you to decide which treatment works for your needs. An in-chair procedure and take-home trays offer big advantages. So, if you do not have time to get this treatment at a dental clinic, the take-home trays are for you. The outcome will fit your dental needs in a gradual and effective way. Your dentist can guide you as you use your teeth whitening trays.

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