What Are Clear Braces?

Clear Braces Miami Beach, FL

Clear braces are a subtle alternative to traditional braces and provide a solution to similar orthodontic problems. The primary difference in the clear version of braces is that they are less noticeable. When you have metal braces, anyone who sees you smiling or talking notices the braces. If you want the less obvious version of braces, the clear ones become an attractive choice. Although non-traditional braces are more expensive to make, some dentists offer similar pricing to more-traditional counterparts.

What are clear braces made of?

Clear braces are made from a variety of different materials depending on the company that manufactures them. For this reason, the quality of these braces can vary dramatically. Individuals looking to try this more subtle type of braces should do their homework on the dentist who will be installing them. Cheaper versions of these braces can end up as sunk cost and provide no improvement to the teeth. Here are some of the materials used to make braces:

  • Ceramic
  • Plastic
  • Plastic emulator
  • Porcelain

How do clear braces look on teeth?

The look will be different than traditional metal braces. A dentist will determine where the braces should be placed on the teeth. In most cases, these braces are placed only on the top teeth. The reason for this is simple: to prevent chipped teeth. Quality braces are made from ceramic, which is a hard material that can scratch the top teeth. If braces are only on the top, the bottom teeth will not be a threat to the most vulnerable teeth.

Do clear braces wear down?

Most people are concerned about the quality of non-traditional braces. While the quality varies by manufacturer, the concern about wear and tear is valid. With low-quality versions, the material will deteriorate and discolor. It can even turn a yellowish color, which is unsanitary-looking for the mouth. The one caveat is that these braces have removable elastic ties so that the worn ones will be easily replaced at every appointment.

The cost of clear braces

These non-traditional braces are more expensive to make and therefore are often more costly to purchase. However, the exact price is up to the dentist that the patient will visit. Doing research online can help patients determine which dentist provides quality braces, both in terms of material and price. Finding the balance between both is key to making a sound long-term investment.

Benefits of clear braces

This dental straightening system looks like metal braces, but the wires and brackets are tooth-colored or clear. Ceramics and porcelain are the most common materials for clear braces. These dental straightening materials can be life-changing. Here are the benefits of straightening teeth with clear braces:

  • There is durability and strength in wearing these braces. This allows the wearer to be more comfortable and secure with the brackets and wires. Proper care and maintenance can make the brackets last for as long as possible. The patient does not need to worry about the brackets chipping or dislodging.
  • Teeth-straightening is almost invisible. The patient does not need to explain the braces anymore because few people notice them. Adults and teens prefer clear braces because the wires and brackets are not obvious.
  • The gums experience less irritation. Traditional braces cause gum irritation. Most patients say that ceramic or porcelain wires and brackets do not irritate their gums. This can help the wearer have a better quality of life when getting this dental straightening system.
  • The patient’s self-esteem improves with clear braces. The discreet process allows the patient to smile more and interact with people more often. Clear braces make it easy for the individual to be more at ease and secure even while wearing the braces.
  • The braces do not cause dental damage after the treatment. Traditional metal braces often damage the enamel. This weakens the enamel, making the tooth vulnerable to infection and more damage. Clear braces attach to the teeth with a different type of bonding agent. This keeps the enamel intact.

Are clear braces the right option for you?

As you now know, clear versions of braces are an exciting alternative to the metal kind. Although there are some disadvantages, depending on the manufacturer and dentist, there are also plenty of upsides. If you are someone concerned about how metal braces will look on your teeth, the clear versions could be the ideal option for you. Contact a dental professional to learn more about your options for braces and the potential advantages and disadvantages each type of braces will present.

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