Caring for Denture Implants vs. Dentures

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If you have missing teeth, you may be considering dentures or denture implants. There are some similarities between the two, but there are also some differences. The main difference is that dentures are removable while implants are fixed. This means that there will be some differences in how you care for them. Read on to learn the right way to care for each.

Caring for dentures

When it comes to cleaning dentures, the cleaning mostly happens outside the mouth. Dentures should be removed and cleaned after each meal and snack. Patients should take them out and rinse them in clean water. This will remove food debris and other particles. Holding them over a towel is a good way to prevent them from cracking if they fall.

It is good to handle dentures carefully when not in the mouth. If the dentures are accidentally bent or damaged, the dentures may not fit properly. The patient should also rinse after taking out the dentures. A toothbrush with soft bristles is a good tool for cleaning the mouth. Any remaining denture adhesive should also be removed at this time.

When the dentures are not in the patient’s mouth, the dentures must be kept wet. This will prevent the dentures from drying out and potentially cracking. Water is a good thing to use, but a denture solution is even better. This should be done every night to keep the dentures fresh.

Caring for denture implants

Denture implants are simply dentures that are attached to implants in the patient’s mouth. These often offer better stability than traditional dentures. It is important for patients to keep the area around the dentures clean. This will prevent the implants from potentially failing.

Flossing every day becomes more important when a patient has denture implants. It can sometimes be difficult to floss underneath the denture that is on the implants. There are dental flosses that have stiff ends for this type of cleaning. Interdental brushes can also be helpful. These small brushes can reach places that a traditional toothbrush cannot.

Sometimes, a dentist may recommend using an oral irrigator. This is a tool that uses a constant stream of water to knock food debris out. A denture implant may have areas where food tends to collect. It can be helpful to remove this with an oral irrigator before brushing and flossing.

Visiting the dentist is also important with dental implants. The dentist can look for early signs of gum disease. When it is treated early, patients have a good chance of fighting it off. If patients have had gum disease before, this is even more important.

Visit a dentist today for denture implants

If you are considering getting denture implants, a dentist can help you decide if you are a candidate. Of course, you will need to continue to visit the dentist regularly after getting implants. If you want to know more about cleaning them, your dentist can answer your other questions. Getting in touch with a dentist is the first step.

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