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Dentures can be a blessing for those whose natural teeth are too damaged to save, but implant supported dentures are a more secure and stable solution for many people. The dentures are a strong and secure alternative to the conventional type. This idea may bring questions to the minds of prospective users. The following is information that can help explain the advantages of implant supported dentures.

Frequently asked questions about implant supported dentures

There are many factors to consider before choosing to restore your smile with implant supported dentures. The following FAQs provide more thorough information.

Who is a good candidate for this type of denture?

Any patient who is able to receive dentures and has healthy bone to attach the implants to could potentially receive this type of denture. Bone grafts may be necessary in advance in order to create healthier mouth conditions. In these situations, the timeline of the treatment is extended by a few months. Patients should be in good dental health overall and should not smoke, as this can inhibit timely and proper healing.

What type of glue is required to hold the dentures in place?

As suggested by their name, implant supported dentures attach to the gums via metal implants that are fastened securely into the jawbones. There is a metal bar or ball that the dentures are attached to, which means that no glue or adhesives are necessary. This can be very beneficial, as denture adhesives can be expensive. Also, they can contain, zinc, which can cause health problems when used in excess, especially complications with the digestive system.

Do the dentures come out?

Because they attach to a bar or ball post, the dentures can and should be removed in order to allow thorough cleaning each day. The dentures could also be taken out at bedtime for more comfortable sleep. Be sure to follow your dentist's instructions for cleaning and storage. Otherwise, the appliances can develop stains and may become brittle, misshapen, or damaged.

How are these dentures cleaned?

Food and debris can accumulate on dentures and cause a buildup of plaque, just as on natural teeth. Thorough daily cleaning with a non-abrasive toothpaste and a soft-bristle brush is an important part of making sure the teeth maintain longevity and an attractive appearance. Remember to rinse dentures carefully with lukewarm water. Extremely hot water can damage or warp the material.

Are there dietary restrictions?

As with traditional dentures, care should be taken to avoid crunching very hard foods, such as ice cubes, hard candies, and some types of hard nuts. Biting very sticky or stiff foods such as jerky, licorice or very sticky caramels should also be avoided. Opening paper clips, removing staples, or other non-food uses can cause chipping and cracking.

Fortunately, the security of implant supported dentures allows patients to enjoy a wider variety of nutritious foods that may have been more difficult to eat with traditional dentures, such as raw fruits and vegetables or lean protein. It is still wise to cut some foods into small pieces, not just to protect your dentures, but also to improve your digestion. Either way, eating a wider variety of foods can help support better nutrition.

How long do the dentures typically last?

Although a traditional denture may last up to five years with proper care and maintenance, implanted ones can last ten or more years. The most common reason for replacement is normal wear from chewing. Repairs may be needed if a tooth becomes chipped. However, with proper dental care, the implants themselves should last a lifetime.

Can implant supported dentures be done by a dentist?

In many cases, skilled dental staff can place this type of denture, but it does require the dentist to complete some advanced and specialized training in the procedure. It is also possible a patient may need to have an oral surgeon manage the process. When surgery is required, the patient must be prepared for several weeks of healing. It is necessary to keep the incision site clean to reduce the risks of infection and implant failure.


When a person has broken, missing, or otherwise damaged teeth, it can severely stunt social interaction, and affect one’s desire to be photographed or accept public speaking or other business responsibilities. Implant supported dentures can provide a secure way for teeth to be replaced so a person can once again enjoy a healthy-looking, confident smile.

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