What Is Clear Aligner Therapy?

Clear Aligners Miami Beach, FL

Clear aligner therapy is just another name for using sets of clear aligners on your teeth. Over time, the oral appliances will apply gentle pressure to your teeth. That will move them around your mouth and stimulate the movement of your teeth. This helps the teeth to stay in the new positions. Keep reading to find out more about this form of treatment.

How it works

With clear aligner therapy, the mouth is reshaped. Gentle pressure is applied to each of the teeth that must be corrected. As this pressure is applied, the periodontal ligament around each tooth moves. On the side that the tooth moves toward, the ligament is compressed. On the side the tooth is moving from, the ligament is stretched.

This process causes the blood vessels on each side to contract and expand respectively. After a few days of this consistent pressure, the blood vessels’ nerve endings send out signals. These tell the mouth to start making the enzymes osteoclasts and osteoblasts. The osteoclasts will break down the bone on the stretched side. That causes the tooth to move properly to the new location. By breaking down and building up new structures, the tooth can eventually stay in the new position.

Steps that are involved

For clear aligner therapy to work properly, several stages might be needed. Digital scans will be taken first of the mouth and teeth. With software on the computer, a digital model of the teeth will be made. That is used to come up with the steps for moving the teeth to the right positions.

The aligners will be worn all day so that the patient’s ligaments will have a chance to move slowly. This process takes time, so the patient needs to wear the aligners at least 22 hours each day. Each stage will vary from patient to patient. However, in general, one set of aligners will last for around 10 days to two weeks. Then the patient will get the next set.

Why many patients choose clear aligners

Today, there are more advancements in availability and research. For instance, today’s aligners can treat more severe cases than the ones in the past could. That makes clear aligners a more popular choice than ever. With the clear plastic, the patient has a discreet option that still works well.

Plus, the patient is not limited in foods during the treatment. The aligners are also very comfortable, helping a patient have good self-esteem during treatment. These are a good option for both adults and older teens. Nearly anyone who can commit to wearing them can be a candidate.

Choose clear aligners today

If you think that clear aligners are a good option for you, it is time to speak with a dentist. Having a consultation can help you find out for yourself what the aligners can do for you. Knowing more about the way that clear aligners work will help you to make the right decision. Setting up an appointment today is your first step.

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